2022 Beast of the East
December 17th and 18th, 2022
University of Delaware
Bob Carpenter Center

New Weight Classes for 2022:

106  113  120  126  132  138  144  150  157  165  175  190  215  285

2022 Online Application has begun

Applying for the Beast is a Two Step Process:

Step One:  Please copy the following items into a new email:

School Name:
School Address:
Head Coach Name:
Head Coach Email:
Head Coach Mobile Number:
Does the coach have a valid background check on file with the school district?:
Athletic Director Name:
Athletic Director Email:
Athletic Director Phone Number:
2021 Beast Team Finish:
State Rank:
Full Team / Partial Team:     
*Partial Teams will be asked to confirm weight classes in October 2022
Additional Information to consider:

Step Two:  Add a subject to the email and please send
the above email to jody@beastwrestling.com.

Your application will be confirmed as received by email within 7 days.  The
Beast of the East Selection Committee meets in late March to accept the
initial teams to the event.  Teams accepted will be posted on our High School
Teams Page by mid April.  As a reminder, the top 25 Team Finishers from
the 2021 Beast are automatically accepted for a full team for the 2022 Beast
but are still required to apply in order to confirm your intent to return to
the Beast.  Questions please let me know, jody@beastwrestling.com  











































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